Wind energy is one of the most popular energy technologies, with the UK being the windiest country in Europe. Harnessing the natural power of the wind is essential to tackle global warming.

Envirotek are UK retailer of low cost, high quality vertical axis wind turbines ( VAWT ).

They can provide a useful power source for small load applications including energy efficient lighting in remote areas. Being small in size, they are suitable to be shipped worldwide.

Is It Right For Me?

Applications include:

• Parked RVs, caravans

• Boats and sailing craft.

• Small cabins and farm buildings.

• Remote monitoring / relay equipment.

• Electric gate openers.

Telescopic blades mean it saves space when not in use - great for Rvs

Strong magnets on the base hold the Micro Vawt in place even in stormy conditions. Overall it is an extremely tough storm proof vertical axis wind turbine VAWT.

Robust permanent magnet alternator encapsulated inside lower compartment. Bridge diodes included producing DC. No controller required - the Micro Vawt simply stops charging when your battery is full.


The installation of the unit has been made simple. All Cables, mounting bars with a strong magnetic base are included.

The Micro Vawt is ideal for Rvs, caravans and boats. With the turbine constantly charging the batteries, you can enjoy piece of mind knowing your electric supply is always available. Start your engine from a fully charged battery and set sail without delay!









The Micro Vawt wind turbine is a two blade Savonius type VAWT turbine. It is a safe, quiet and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional propeller type turbines. It has a relative low output, designed to maintain battery charge in leisure vehicles and remote installations. Unlike solar panels and with the right conditions, the vertical axis rotor can give a 24 hour "Top-Up" charge. No more lugging heavy batteries back and forth.

How Does a Vertical  Axis Wind Turbine Work?

The turbine rotates in a vertical plane driving a permanent magnet alternator. Although VAWT turbines are not as efficient as horizontal, they are virtually silent in operation and visually unobtrusive.

vertical axis wind turbine VAWT

Voltage output: DC 12 Volts charging

Current output: 4 Amps maximum

Power: 50 Watt Max

Weight: 5 kg

Dimensions: 655 mm high x 280 mm wide



Vawt Wind Turbine

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boat wind turbine, rv wind turbine, caravan wind turbine, wind turbines, windmill, windmills


Buy Your 50W Micro Vawt Wind Turbine Today.

 Price: £195 (GBP)  


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Vawt Wind Turbines